Friday, September 25, 2009

Background Info!

Reviewabook123 is a site destined to fullfill the book lover in all of us. It brings the love of books to a higher level, where we all can be in one "world" and share our thoughts and opinions with fellow bloggers, and the authors and publishers who create our obsessions. And what a better way to express our love for lit by spreading our thoughts with others who may think the same, or have different thoughts.

Reviewing is something I do for the fun of it, not just for the free books. Though, it is nice to get a surprise in your mailbox every once in a while! I'm sure everyone can agree with that! I think hosting a book blog is a great way to maximize your voice to fullest when it comes to lit, as well as any other hobbies you may possess!

I participate in several memes created by other creative book bloggers, and I want to thank you for this!

Meme's I participate in include:

*Author In The Spotlight

*In My Mailbox

*Waiting On Wednesday

*Trailer Tuesday**(new)

Which is called: "Authors, We Know Your Secret: 2010 Book Countdown!" If you are a blogger interested in some 2010 YA releases, then this is the meme for you to keep updated on!

Authors, and publishers? This benefits you as well! If you have an upcoming release(s) then email me at reviewabook123@yahoo.com, and include some basic info, pictures, trailers (if possible) Summary, maybe even a promotional opportunity?! I could post about it, to get your book more hits before its release date!

Bloggers, you can participate as well by clicking this link, and learning about how!

Authors/Publishers-Promoting Your Book(s):

I am always up to reviewing books, as long as they are not pdf or books with adult content! I do it for the fun of it, and helping you out with your release(s)! Here is a description of the books I can and cannot review. Please take your time to read!

If you are an author/publisher looking for ways to promote your book, I would love to review for you! If you are interested in promoting your book, or the layout of my reviews, email me at reviewabook123@yahoo.com!
Here are some genres I can and can't review:
I can review:
*Young Adult
*Realistic Fiction
*Small Publishing House Books
*Large Publishing House Books
*Advanced Readers Copies (ARC's)
*Children’s Stories
*Self Published
*Anything else not listed in this section, or the next section, email and let me know!

I can't Review:
*Books with Adult Content or aimed towards an adult audience.
*Attached copies of your book(s) through email, such as PDF files, word documented books, etc.
Please, don't email me asking me to review your PDF file, unless you can send me a copy through the mail. Also, if your book is an Adult genre, but has no adult content, and you have had other YA bloggers read and review it for you, that felt comfortable, let me know! I would love to review it for you! If you have any other questions or comments, let me know!

If you are wanting to know the layout of my reviews, I will Just provide it here:


-Summary In My Own Words/ 1-3 Paragraphs, depending on the size of the book--

-Review, Thoughts and Opinions while reading the book. Why I liked it, didn't like it, and some examples. 1-3 Paragraphs Depending on my thoughts. My reviews are always truthful too!

I am now going to be adding a poll to each post asking how my review was, some things that need to be changed/added to make each review I post up the next time, better!


If you are wanting to donate some promo items such as copies of you book(s), I'd love to help you out by doing so! I have hosted many promotions/giveaways for a lot of authors/Publishers, so I am experienced when it comes to the whole process. You could also do Author In The Spotlight (AITS), or provide me with information about your book, or yourself if you'd like! If you have any other ideas, email me at reviewabook123@yahoo.com, and we can brainstorm some ways to get you promoted!

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I like posting and posting my thoughts about literature!